The No.1 Guinness Bar on The South Coast

Shenanigans Irish Bar

The No1 Guinness Bar on the South Coast

Guinness Bar

We Serve the best pint of Guinness on the South Coast and have the awards to prove it, We also sell Guinness golden ale, Dublin porter and Hop House 13 lager, not to mention Caffreys, Becks vier (4%) Stella (5%) Stowford press cider and Irish Rebel red ale! A wide range of bottled beers/wines and spirits are available, including our award winning whiskey collection for the connoisseur.

Great atmosphere

At Shenanigans Irish Bar you are guaranteed a warm welcome in a safe, friendly atmosphere where you can not only have a great breakfast, you can chill out with a beer or two. For the none drinkers we serve fantastic coffee, Yorkshire tea or a variety of soft drinks. We are also proud to be the home of rugby, we live and breathe it, league or union! If its on, we will be showing it!

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winning breakfasts

From Irish to Scottish, Boxty’s to Farls, we’re famous for our breakfasts and traditional Irish grub. Cooked to order and locally sourced from the award winning “Buckwells” butchers, literally across the road. The big boy “Celt” breakfast is a bit special and NOT for the weak. Veggie/gluten free options are also available. Navigate here to look at our menu.

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Live Music & Events

Shenanigans has live music every second Thursday, where our popular “TRAD” sessions take place, not to mention our resident musicians (Shenanigans) plays a mix of Irish and contemporary folk music while you sup a few beers and unwind. Foot tapping is compulsory. Our resident Whiskey expert “Roy” teaches everything whiskey at our popular events throughout the year.


Mon 1500 - 2230 Tue - Thur 0900 - 2230 Fri - 0900 - 2300 Sat - 0930 - 2300 Sun - 1000 - 1600

The Shenanigans Irish Bar: Team

Iain Kirby

(The Gaffer)
The Chief, ex Royal Navy of 23 years, mostly spent frequenting various bars around the world and getting paid for it, so decided to spend his generous gratuity on building one himself. Not Irish, but from a Celtic background, Scot/Irish and Yorkshire!


(The Manager)
Has been with us from the very beginning back in December 2009. A self-confessed legend of the pumps and all round handsome chap, sporting what can only be described as a “Man beard” You will see Mike smashing out breakfast from the busy kitchen, or front of house charming the customers.


Sally is our resident OCD, everything has its place, bar mum. She sweeps through the bar like a tornado of cleanliness and comes with her own theme tune. Likes baguettes


A quiet thoughtful young man, with potential, however currently wasting it. Recently graduated from studying politics, yes politics! Now a fully qualified burger flipper! Shows a keen interest in “Grab a granny” Often seen out with the local bag lady/ladies of the night.


One of our students, studying all that is music. An all round nice chap sporting a respectable beard and is currently learning to write with chalk, which explains the shocking black board graffiti displayed outside the bar on occasion.


Another student, studying Sports science no less. Built like a truck, a dead ringer for the cartoon character “Johhny Bravo” Partial to the odd pie or 2 in between knocking over any object not lashed down with his massive shoulders.


Our special one, on rare occasions you might be lucky enough to hear him speak a whole sentence at once. Raised in the New Forest by wolves and resides in a small cave outside Lyndhurst. Often seen floating around Southsea on his over sized Marty Mcfly hover board with wheels.


The lovely Meg, a buxom beaut, currently on the run from the fashion Police for her odd taste in t-shirts, usually wearing large Deidre Barlow sun glasses to conceal her identity. A smile that will melt your 99 or Magnum (other ice creams are available)


Dish maintainer
The main cog in the wheel, the lovely Hannah the youngest of the clan and in charge of all things dishes, supports the big man in the kitchen and adds a touch of classiness to the bar.


Our very own “Stig having dump” fills in on the odd occasion, likes pizza and beer, sells the Big issue in his spare time and lives in a doorway close to Waitrose, very much likened to Joel, currently in the jungle??


Our resident Irish band who have been with us throughout. Along with our 2 weekly “TRAD” sessions, Shenanigans cover our big events throughout the year. St Patrick’s, birthday etc. First class musicians who will get your feet tapping guaranteed!


The Shenanivan was restored from a dead, old, white rusty Scania rental, often seen whizzing around Southsea, or parked on the seafront looking shenanifabulous

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Summer is fast approaching. As well as our 2 weekly TRAD music session, we have our resident Irish band "Shenanigans" playing Friday 7th July, 27th October, 15th December (Our 8th birthday). We have entered 2 teams in the Spinnaker 7's rugby tournament on July 8th at Havant rugby club, all spectators and supporters welcome. Following this we have the Southsea food festival 15th and 16th July where we have our second bar set up! Leading nicely on to the next of our famous whiskey tastings on Sunday 23rd July, as always with an exclusive mix of very fine rare whiskeys, hosted by our expert Roy! Lots happening in the coming weeks and the year is flying, so don't miss out. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Get involved :)